#EndSARS #EndSWAT ✊?  ?? The Nigerian Spirit Has Been Awakened

By Duchess Magazine

Yvonne Adeleke

“When you push someone too far, they will push back and they push hard.”

A long road to freedom: Nigeria. A democratic country, gasping for breath under the chokehold of dictatorship.

Proudly hailed “The giant of Africa”, Nigeria, an everly vibrant, optimist and accommodative people, her easy demeanor fueling bulging biceps of sweet tongued power drunk egoistic unapologetic dictators cloned as saviours has been made to kneel, endlessly begging for their own right.

For decades, Nigerians have been made to swim the gutters for survival while so called leaders greedily fill their pockets with the abdundance of wealth of the very people they swore to uplift: jaw dropping hardship allowance, endless vacations, trips outside the shores of the West African country to cure a headache, oh and of course, offsprings attending #Harvard and all, let’s not forget codedly allegedly employing “men in uniform” to carry out their dirty dealings torturing and inflicting innocent souls, I’m sure we all get the drift crystal clear. One too many times, Nigeria has been taken for granted and now, she says NO LONGER!

No longer will she be swayed by sentiments, no longer will second and third chances be handed, no longer will we continue to hold onto empty words, clutching our chests and chanting #EGoBetter while we roll our eyes and laugh out in loud in deafening disbelief.

The Nigerian youths have been taken for granted way too long but now, the game has changed, she has recognised her power. Yes. She has found her voice!

Wake Up Powers That Be And Smell The Coffee #ENDSARS is just the beginning! It’s a new dawn. Power must change hands. Change is now!

Nigeria has been subjected to gross inhumane treatment, countless lives have been snatched without batting an eyelid, hard working young men framed for grave offences and dubbed criminals just because they dare look good and ride fancy cars – “how dare they rub such affluence in our faces despite it all??” But now, change has come! Grey hairs must #calmdown and listen to the voice of reasoning. Since conscience has taken a trip amongst our leaders we would take back our mantle and uproot high thresholds of pain greedily inflicted on our generation, the “e go better” mentality we utterly refuse, we deserve better and by god we will get it. No longer! For this generation and yes, the generation unborn.

At the mention of the Nigerian youths, authorities will brace up! Empty fancy sugarcoated promises will be nipped in the brain bud, leaders will now be held accountable. Public officers will be forced to deliver. Because yes, even though we are an ever forgiving spirited clan, OUR MUMU DON DO.

Looking back: Ironically, barely a month ago I would have laughed my lungs out if I were told a day would come so soon – let alone this year – or better still, this month! When the Nigerian youths would stand, fire in their eyes, unflinching in the face of terror, in the face of intimidation, fighting for the Nigeria that could have been, for the Nigeria that could be, fighting to make things right for her beloved country to rightly take her place in the world map.

Today I proudly salute our courage. To every protester on the streets, to our ever active keypad warriors telling it like it is, to those retweeting every second and of course to the world supporting the cause and ensuring our voices are heard, I salute you.

Nigeria is my home and a home filled with love, peace and unity is what it must be! A home filled with comfort and perhaps the good things of life is not too much to ask!


Yvonne Adeleke is a seasoned professional with almost a decade wealth of experience. Her works have been published in high profile media outlets including: The Guardian, Happenings Media and Duchess International Magazine. When she’s not putting on her creative cap dishing out articles, be sure to sneak up on her watching endless romantic movies, eating loads of chocolates and yeah, fantasizing about giving characters the boot while playing protagonist! *Wink*

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