#DuchessOfTheMonth Jackie Appiah: The Award-winning Screen Magnet We Can’t Help But Love

By Duchess Magazine

#DuchessOfTheMonth : Ghanaian Movie star Jackie Appiah

Fact Check; Greatness can never be defined without reference to #BlackExcellence

In every sphere – every industry, every domain all across the world, black brilliance shines brightly. A quick look down history lane reflects untold formidable challenges black power has had to battle to get well-deserved visibility. Systematic and racial barriers have posed one too many threats, however, applaudably regardless of how many odds have been stacked against us, black excellence has been able to ascend, unapologetically shattering glass ceilings and impacting the world in numerous ways.

As per our tradition at Duchess International Magazine we celebrate #blackmagnificence and each month we specifically zoom in on profiling outstanding personalities doing exceptional work, repping black in various fields of endeavor, and today we take on the entertainment industry as we applaud Ghanaian leading lady Jackie Appiah!

Dive in on the feature!

 #DuchessOfTheMonth : Ghanaian Movie star Jackie Appiah
 #DuchessOfTheMonth : Ghanaian Movie star Jackie Appiah  #DuchessOfTheMonth : Ghanaian Movie star Jackie Appiah  #DuchessOfTheMonth : Ghanaian Movie star Jackie Appiah

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