#DuchessOfTheMonth: Inspiring Change Makers: Spotlight On Vanessa Nakate

By Duchess Magazine

Vanessa Nakate: Ugandan climate activist

Planet earth, a world like no other to us, undeniably holds some of the world’s most breathtaking wonders: Spectacular scenery to spell binding wildlife, oh so amazing natural wonders at out every turn. Unfortunately however, all of this is threatened by climate crisis, in Africa most especially.

The urgency of climate crisis in the African continent is at an all time high; Agriculture is threatened and therefore, so is human survival, as climate change in no small measure leads to food scarcity and water scarcity. Therefore, in order to ensure the earth is protected, climate activist are stepping up and calling for corporation from media bodies to spread word as well as world leaders to take immediate action to save our world.

Vanessa Nakate: Ugandan climate activist

Joining in on the movement and actively involved in the fight for climate justice is Uganda’s Vanessa Nakate. At such a young age, her passion and boldness has led her to the world stage.

In 2019, Vanessa began boldly demanding for climate action. Faced by two major challenges; lack of awareness about the dangers of climate and lack of freedom of expression where students can boldly leave school to embark on strikes to make their voices heard, she’s held on regardless and does her part by doing local reach-outs, educating and teaching responsibility.

Read more about Vanessa Nakate’s inspiring work;

Vanessa Nakate Ugandan climate activist

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