Conquering The World Together! Meet the Belcher Triplets: They Graduated Cum Laude With 4.0 GPAs

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The Belcher Triplets

Talk about the perfect 4.0 GPAs , Georgia triplets Kendall, Kolby, and Sydney Belcher aren’t just identical in looks but brains too!

The triplets from Ola High School in McDonough, who graduated summa cum laude in 2018 made their parents and community super proud.

The trio were also dual enrolled in college while in high school so they started college with about a year of credits already, blacknews reports.

“I’m very happy and proud of them,” their mother Cathey Belcher told the Henry Herald.

Their success journey can be traced to as early as 3years old when their parents taught them the values of hardwork, teaching them to read and write.

“They took off from there,” Cathey said. “They knew they were expected to do their best and never settle for a B or C grade when they could get an A.”

Presently the three are attending college, aiming to make it big in their different careers. Sydney is attending Georgia State University to become a nurse and one day work in the hematology/oncology department of a children’s hospital. Kolby is also attending Georgia State University and plans to pursue a marketing career. Kendall is attending Gordon State College and aims a career in the financial services industry.

“I’m excited about them going to college,” Cathey said. “We’re encouraging them to keep doing what they’ve been doing and reminding them to always give back to their community.”

As per sibling rivalry, their mother describes their relationship with each other as “genuine” and “caring”, a tight knit group happy for each other’s successes.

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