Check out the Official Campaign for the 2nd Annual Africa Gives Back International Gala 2016

By Duchess Magazine

The 2nd Annual Africa Gives Back International Gala team has released the official campaign photos for the 2016 event with the theme “Everyday Warriors”.

Africa Gives Back International’s (AGBI) philosophy is that everyone, no matter what race or background is a warrior; and all have battle scars to show for it; either metaphorically, mentally or physically. These scars can be from one’s trials and tribulations and life’s experiences. Furthermore, how one uses and hones those experiences into a positive and productive nature further establishes one as an “Everyday Warrior”.

The “Everyday Warriors” campaign is a 17 photo exhibit focus around the concept a warrior through the notions of Leadership, Strength and Empowerment. All of which are shown in a different light – through a juxtaposition of ROYALTY and WARRIORS – Being one and the same. This is achieved by the meticulous placement and use of Medieval Armor, Ankara Prints, Couture African Fashions, and Melaninated Ambassadors (Models).

See the photos below.

Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-2-600x400 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-3-600x400 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-7-600x400 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-8-600x900 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-10-600x400 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-12-600x400 Official-Campaign-2nd-Annual-Africa-Gives-Back-International-Gala-2016-13-600x856

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