#BlackGirlMagic ? Meet The Two Sisters Who Recently Made History As Judges At The Same Courthouse

By Duchess Magazine

Having one judge in a family is a thing of pride and joy, double, that’s most definitely worthy of crashing major headlines.

Late last year, sisters Samarria Dunson, 42 and Lloria James, 40 made headlines after becoming judges in Montgomery, Alabama, the first siblings in history to simultaneously serve as judges at the same courthouse in the city.

Although Samarria Dunson and her sister Lloria James, have done virtually together, from graduating from Lee High School, then heading off together to the University of Alabama and there proceeding to the University of Alabama Law School, the pair who have obviously held similar interests almost delved to different fields earlier on by initially choosing different majors.

While James knew head on Law was what she wanted to do, Dunson had chosen medical school but eventually shifted to law.
The sisters both continued their educations at the University of Alabama Law School. Dunson who was a year ahead of James, helped her sister get through the hurdles

Upon graduation and passing the Alabama Bar Exam, Dunson entered the health-care compliance law while James began her career as a prosecutor.

Now, 42-year old Dunson has been appointed to serve as a municipal judge for Montgomery and her sister James was has been appointed to the circuit court.

The two credited their parents and how they have been brought up for their success. Both women hope to also encourage other children to broaden their horizons.

“I don’t think a lot of our children even know what to dream to be because people like us don’t spend enough time with them,” James told Montgomery Advertiser. “It’s our job as leaders in Montgomery to be in those places, in those spaces where kids, who may not have exposure to different careers or different people, can get that exposure.”

“It doesn’t just help them, but it helps us. It helps Montgomery,” Dunson also said. “If we’re helping to raise the new generation of professionals then that’s really what it’s about for us.”

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