#BlackGirlMagic ??Meet Dorathy Jill Tillman At 14 She Bagged A Master’s Degree And Is Now An Environmental Scientist!

By Duchess Magazine


At just 14, Dorathy Jill Tillman is far from your average teen. The outstanding 14-year-old from the South Side of Chicago unlike most of her contemporaries who have their eyes set on high school, this young genius is making massive headlines having just received her master’s degree in environmental engineering.

Way back, she had shown promise right from birth; began talking at 8 months old and doing math by age 4, attended high school at 9 years old and has steadingly worked her way to a master’s degree.

Tillman, who received her master’s degree from Unity College in Maine credits the line of women in her family for her determination and love for academics.

Owing her biggest support to her mother, Jimalita Tillman, she also reveals she gets inspiration from her granny, Dorothy Jean Tillman, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., served as Alderman of the 3rd Ward and worked as a Civil Rights activist.

“She would capture information so quickly,” said Jimalita Tillman.

Tillman who has always had interest in her chosen field is already putting her environmental studies to work while cleaning parks in the South Side.

Tillman recalling how she was able to achieve the feat took high school modules after school, and was able to stay home while getting her degree through distance learning programs.

Dorathy Tillman realises she is an inspiration and is currently working on getting her success story out there through a book about her life. She is also helping build STEM labs for girls in South Africa.

On message to young people about their possibilities, she says:

“I think that my path isn’t for everyone. I think that the way I went about it from a young age and learning is something that we really should start integrating into schools. A lot of students over this quarantine have realized that maybe working online has been easier for them because they haven’t had the stress of being in the classroom. I know, one thing that I would want every kid to know, is that what I did is an option and that they can do it too. It doesn’t take a genius or someone who has been learning forever. I’m not perfect. I’m not the smartest person in the world. It just takes dedication.”

Well done!

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