#BlackGirlMagic ???Meet Mabou Loiseau: A Polyglot Who At 8 Was Already Speaking 8 Languages And Playing 8 Instruments

By Duchess Magazine

Mabou Loiseau: Polyglot Who Speaks 8 languages and plays 8 instruments

Dubbed “Super Girl” Super talented Mabou Loiseau from Queens, New York already has many articles written about her, owing to her amazing talents.

At a very young age stood out from her peers, when she was just barely age 2, Mabou’s mother who didn’t even speak French noticed her daughter had already begun speaking some words in French. Quick to catch on on her daughter’s gift, she immediately sprung into action and started teaching her different languages, including hiring nannies that spoke different languages.

It paid off big, in 2015, when Mabou Loiseau was just 8-years old, she was already speaking 8 languages – English, Kreyol, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and American Sign Language. She was also learning Japanese.

Mabou Loiseau: Polyglot who can speak 8 languages and play 8 instruments

Her genius didn’t stop there, at age 8 Mabou also could play a wide variety of instruments: the piano, the violin, the clarinet, the flute, the drums, the guitar and the harp. She even began giving piano lessons while also studying and fully comprehending college-level algebra.

There’s no stopping her; presently at age 13 Mabou has already added to her impressive list of skills – dancing, painting, and singing and is already developing a following on YouTube for her amazing singing and dancing performances

The future for Mabou Loiseau? She dreams of becoming a lawyer, a brain surgeon and a singer.

Well done to this young fire!

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