#BlackExcellence ? Meet One Of Hollywood’s Youngest Producers Tre Peart; At Age 8 He Conceived His Box Office Hit ‘War With Grandpa’ Starring Robert De Niro

By Duchess Magazine

“The War With Grandpa” which recently opened in theatres and starring one Hollywood’s greatest actors of all time, Academy award winning actor Robert De Niro, 77, as Grandpa amazingly has a youngster behind it, Tre Peart, Hollywood’s second youngest producers. He conceived the idea in third grade, seven years ago.

According to now 15 year old Tre Peart the Executive Producer of the movie, the project has actually been in the works since he was 8. He fell in love with the story after reading “The War With Grandpa,” by Robert Kimmel Smith, for a school assignment. Struck by it, he wanted to see the movie hit screens in real life.

So he decided to sell the idea to his film producer parents, Marvin Peart, CEO of Brookdale Studios/Chief Business Officer and Founding Partner of 101 Studios and Rosa Peart, Co- Founder, Marro Media Company with film credits animated movie “Escape From Planet Earth” and “Life on the Line” with John Travolta.

Recalling how it all started, Tre who says it had been seven years in the making says;

“I asked my Mom to read the book, and I said we should make it into a movie. She liked it, and she taught me how to write a pitch … It was a whole new world for me.”

So together, the Peart Family worked to bring the idea to life. His dad, Marvin, after reading the resulting pitch noted it would be a worthy project. Upon further research, they learned the book had sold a whopping 1.3 million copies, so they optioned it.

When it came to casting, Tre immediately suggested Raging Bull star De Niro, an actor his parents frequently praised. “All of his movies were inappropriate for me at the time, but my parents were always talking about how great of an actor he was. So I was thinking, ‘Why not Robert De Niro?’ ”

The box office hit which warmed hearts right from its opening weekend has supporting cast including Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour and Cheech Marin.

As regards his choice for Robert De Niro to take lead, both his parents thought he was aiming too high, as Marvin said: “Turns out, the kid was onto something.”

“He is so great,” said Tre of De Niro. “On the first day of filming, I walked into my trailer and there was a letter and flowers from him. It said, ‘Congrats on your first movie and good luck to the youngest producer I ever worked with.’ That was so kind.”

Tre just like other kids his age loves video games and plays on his school’s football team when he’s not scooping out film projects.

Tre Peart as a producer, is known for The War with Grandpa (2020) and GMA3: What You Need to Know (2020).






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