Black Owned Business: Michael Jordan

by Duchess Magazine
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The narrative of Michael Jordan is one of perseverance. He has been an avid basketball player since he was a young child, but as a teenager, he was informed that he was too small to play the sport professionally.

Thankfully, he disregarded this advice and went on to play 15 seasons in the NBA, where he became the most well-known basketball player in the world and amassed a remarkable record of points, victories, and trophies.

Jordan has explored a number of brand alliances and successful business licensing deals since his playing days are finished.

For instance, many people are familiar with Nike’s Air Jordan line, but few are aware of the brand’s enormous magnitude, which is a billion-dollar industry. And it doesn’t stop there. Jordan’s list of endorsements features some of the greatest names in American business, including Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Chevrolet, and McDonald’s.

These relationships have been tremendously lucrative for Jordan. Sporting News declared him the highest-paid athlete of all time in November 2021 with earnings of $2.62 billion after inflation. His estimated net worth as of right now is $1.7 billion.

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