Birthday Shout Out To Elizabeth Ozua

By Duchess Magazine

Elizabeth Ozua is a UK-born Nigerian  marketing executive. She is the National Sales Director of Mary Kay Inc. in the United Kingdom.

After a stint as a lecturer at her alma mater, University of Benin, the masters degree holder went on to work with London Transport. Her ever-rejuvenating passion, consistency, and commitment poised her to achieve good success as Mary Kay Independent Sales Director in the UK, before being promoted to the very first [MK] National Sales Director in the country.

For over a decade, she has unfailingly held the position as the number one National Sales Director in the UK. Today, she educates, motivated, recognizes, and leads over 2000 women as a National Sales Director for a global direct selling company. In corroboration of her industrious efforts, she is a recipient of several prestigious awards and a lot of recognition for her unparalleled success in her niche.

Outside the discourse of marketing, Elizabeth is an international speaker, motivator and trainer, coaching and mentoring people across the globe. 

Her mantra is “help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want.”

The mother of two is privately involved in charitable work with a mission to expand her enterprise in Europe and beyond shores.

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