BE THE SUNSHINE! Together We Can Make Our World A Brighter Place

By Duchess Magazine

Live and connect

TGIF!! Okay, so I get it. Not everyone is obviously screaming their heads off in contagious giddy excitement. One look around you and yeah, you wonder in quite eloquent terms what’s really there to be excited or perhaps even thankful for? I get it, but hey sis, there’s one “teeny-weeny” bit of detail you forgot – YOU’RE ALIVE! You’ve got hope! Raise that head up!

Welcome To Your Happy Place!! – THE NOW.

Life is a roller coaster ride; sometimes it’s a cakewalk handing you scoops of icecream and trophies at your every turn, other days it feels sort of like a dead end caving in by the minute without relent or mercy – not a glimmer of sunshine in sight.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, but only to those who remember to turn on the light.”

Ironically, during trying times aka bad days, we often lose sight of the fact that, it’s all a passing phase and even right there, in the darkest of times, happiness can still be found. There’s always that bright blue sky on the other side of the cloud waiting patiently to bring a splash of cheer, colouring your world and ushering in brighter days for a lifetime. Always remember, tough times don’t last forever, the worst times will eventually unveil much more brighter moments. It’s just a phase grooming us for better. Keep your head up!

To be alive, is to be truly awaken and embrace every facet that comes with being. We’ve all been there at some point – Moments we feel alone, unsure, depressed, anxious about the uncertainties life oh so eagerly presents. Big picture; Life at the moment is tearing us brutal blows at our every turn, with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as accompanying economic meltdowns. Yeah I know you got your sh*t together, but, being alone is the last thing your mental health needs! We all need to draw from each other’s energy.

Fact is, in order to truly live a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life, connection is the bow which ties it all together.

“We are more powerful when we empower each other.”

I know life comes with a whole lot of baggage and sometimes, in our quest to build our empires it tends to feel like connecting outside of ourselves might be a downer while reflecting the greatness of our success story, but thing is, life is interwoven, a cycle. No man is an island, and neither is our success story, we help each other succeed. It’s a connection that is on repeat and yes, it ultimately comes back to us. Without supporting, encouraging, connecting and therefore building each other’s strength, great achievements cannot be recorded.

Connection is key to success and happiness. Simply put – There is strength in numbers. Life’s purpose in all boils down to finding genuine connection outside of ourselves. Live. Love. Connect. Excel! Be the reason behind someone else’s smile!

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