Artist Pays Tribute To The Everyday Queens Of Brooklyn And The Bronx

by Duchess Magazine

“A Bronx-Brooklyn Queen is a woman who is self-assured and self-confident without being cocky or egotistical,” artist Tim Okamura explained to The Huffington Post, “who knows that the source of her beauty is internal, and is then transmitted externally; a woman who commands respect and admiration because of the positive energy she radiates.”
Okamura came up with the term himself, inspired by the strength and grace of so many of the women he encounters on the streets of New York. Although the title specifically references the majesties of Brooklyn and the Bronx, his series depicts New York women from all five boroughs.
“She defies stereotype and is impervious to prejudice and superficial judgement,” he continued. “She leads by example and inspires others to elevate their consciousness in the same way she has. Her light shines unconditionally as she has manifested the queen she was destined to be.”
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The artist was listening to 3rd Bass’ song “Brooklyn Queens” when the idea first came to him — to portray the women he admired as undercover royalty, the iconic urban emblems of New York serving as regal insignias.
For his subjects, Okamura enlisted mostly friends he’d known for years, and a few new queens he met during the painting process. “Typically, I see a particular spark in someone’s eyes that draws me to them, something about their energy I find compelling. I sort of trust that the universe will put me in contact with people that I’m supposed to paint. It’s a gut feeling and when I delve further into their personal story it always seems to confirm my instincts.”

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