Adedayo Aderibigbe: From Educator to Advocate of African Voices

By Duchess Magazine

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Adedayo Aderibigbe, the radiant super lady of the media world. Today marks the birthday of the charming and talented writer, and we can’t wait to celebrate her achievements and future endeavors.

Born and raised in Osun State, Adedayo Aderibigbe is an original voice in the media industry. Her passion for advocacy has led her on an incredible journey, from studying Education and English at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), to becoming a certified broadcast journalist, to working with various media outlets, and now, to her position at Duke Magazine.

Adedayo’s love for the media is as infectious as a smile on a sunny day. Her desire to tell compelling stories and bring attention to critical issues is evident in her work with Development Diaries, an online advocacy journalism platform. With the platform, she has promoted factual analysis, issue-based campaigns for social, civic, and humanitarian purposes across the African continent.

Adedayo’s voice is a mighty instrument that echoes through the halls of media. Her editorial skills are so exceptional that she served as the Editor for Infocus, her Faculty News Production, while an undergraduate. She’s a force to be reckoned with and a proud representative of black and African women in media.

When she’s not working, Aderibigbe enjoys philanthropic work. She’s a champion of the less privileged and gives her time and resources to better the lives of others. Her kind and compassionate spirit is one that inspires and motivates people.

Adedayo Aderibigge, a true African queen, is a remarkable woman who has accomplished so much and has even greater potential. She’s not just a writer but an advocate for African voices, a symbol of hope for those who aspire to excel in their fields, and an inspiration to all who know her. Happy Birthday our very own Adedayo Aderibigbe. Keep shining!


Joseph Omoniyi

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