Accessories Brand Hesey Designs releases new Campaign Photos featuring Ronke Adefalujo

By Duchess Magazine

Hesey Designs a fashion accessories brand has release their new campaign photos featuring makeup artist and fashionista, Ronke Adefalujo. Ronke brought in her fashion and styling game when she teamed up with Hesey Designs, to create these stunning images. From quirky designs, colourful prints, and a playful outlook, this capsule collection reflects all the Hesey brand stands for and Ronke plays the perfect muse.
See the Photos
Hesey-Designs-001bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-001bellanaija-june-2016__2 Hesey-Designs-002bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-002bellanaija-june-2016__2 Hesey-Designs-003bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-004bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-005bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-006bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-007bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-008bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-009bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-010bellanaija-june-2016_ Hesey-Designs-011bellanaija-june-2016_
Instagram: Hesey Designs | @heseydesigns
Model: Ronke Adefalujo | @therealrhonkefella
Photography: The Photocentric TPC | @thephotocentric
Styling & Makeup: Ronke Adefalujo

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