72-year old woman delivers baby boy

By Duchess Magazine

A report on Friday in New Delhi said a 72 year old Indian woman has given birth to her first child after 46 years of marriage.
It said Daljinder Kaur gave birth to a baby boy at a fertility clinic in the northern Indian state of Haryana, following two years of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment.
The report noted that though Kaur doesn’t possess any official paper to justify her age, but doctors at the hospital have registered her age as 72 years.
It noted that if Kaur’s age is correct, that makes her one of the world’s oldest woman to become mother.
Her 79 years old husband, Mohinder Grill confirmed the birth adding that they have decided to name the child Aarman.
Kaur also told the media that she was happy to have her own child.
“Some people told me I was doing wrong and that I would feel sorry for that.
“But then I had made up my mind and I am not bothered about what people said,” she said.
Meanwhile, another report said fertility experts said Kaur’s IVF treatments raise serious questions about ethics and responsible practices.
It reported that according to the rule book of the Indian Council of Medical Registry (ICMR), the combined age of a couple aspiring for a child through in vitro fertilisation should not exceed 100 years.
It said the couple have a combined age of 150 years, and it is impossible they could have had the baby through their own gametes, as the mother experienced menopause 20 years ago.
The rulebook said there is no chance she could produce her own eggs.
It said a man’s sperm at the age of 78-79 cannot be of fertile quality.
Dr Bina Vasan, former President, Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), Karnataka chapter, said it is sending a wrong message to the society, that anyone can give birth to a child at any age.
“We condemn such a practice.
Anurag Bishnoi, Embryologist and owner of the clinic where Kaur received IVF, said he was comfortable with the couple’s respective ages.

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