6 Signs Your Life Is Out of Balance & In Need of Work-Life Integration

By Duchess Magazine

By Eryka T. Johnson

Women professionals often suffer from chaotic lives by leading at work, home, and in life. With only 24 hours in a day, you may find yourself pressed for time and not completing every task you set out to accomplish for the week. Before you feel guilty about not achieving every goal, let’s determine if you may be out of balance and in need of a serious tune up in the area of work-life integration.

What is work-life integration?

Work-life integration is simply the process of combining both work and life responsibilities into your day which fits your personal needs. It does not focus heavily in one area and leave only a small amount of time for other areas. Actually, work-life integration is your personal design to doing life. You control what you work on, where you go, and who you allow to infringe on your time. Its intentionally designing a life that works for you at work as well as at home.

The problem comes however when you fail to design the right mix of activities from work and home and instead experience pressures of inadequacy and guilt. Let’s discuss six signs that your life may be out of balance and in need of work-life integration.


Healthy stress in small quantities never hurt anyone in fact it’s good for you. However too much stress, can lead to frustration, depression and other medical-related conditions. When you manage too much at once, expect overwhelm and stress to surface.

Long hours at work

Most work professionals spend more time at work in a day rather than at home. In fact, a typical workday could last up to 12 hours including travel time to and from work. If you sleep 8 hours a day, this only leaves roughly 4 hours to care for your family and your personal needs. There are times when long hours are necessary to meet a pressing milestone but ensure this is not the norm.

Longing for more

You were designed with a purpose and mission in life. If you fill your day with activities that don’t fulfill you this area, deep longing and dis-satisfaction will persist.

Burn out

Burn out is the fastest route to being ineffective and inefficient. It indicates that one is giving from an empty place.  This is both not healthy and wise and has physical, emotional, and mental consequences.

Lack of job satisfaction

When you fail to design a life where you do what you love and still have time for other interests, job satisfaction is questionable. Is this where I should be? Is this what I should be doing?

Family and relationship issues

When you neglect the individuals closest to you, it creates a strain in the family dynamic. Perhaps your kids feel they are not important enough or your spouse does not feel wanted. Your family needs to feel valued, as they desire to share your time, attention, and presence.

About the Author: Eryka T. Johnson

Global Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker Eryka T. Johnson is the Founder of High Pursuit LLC, a global executive leadership consultancy, committed to helping high achieving women elevate their influence and visibility in the workplace and develop gender diversity programs for Global 2000 companies in the STEM industry.

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