5 Things Every Young Black Woman Should Know Before 30 ???

By Duchess Magazine

Urgh…the PRESSURE.The Big 30! Waving goodbye to good old “worry free” 20s and hitting the 30 milestone might seem real nerve-racking to some; God knows you feel 20 but hey, time just won’t just play nice. Bills. Bills. Bills aka responsibilities slam at your every turn. Suddenly review zone hits you as you begin critically accessing your whole life at a glance measuring yourself on the “Perfection” scale – goals set versus goals attained… While to others, the big three zero comes with a jolt of adrenaline, serving as a reminder to embrace the moment, push boundaries and embark on an adventure of self discovery!

Pause! If you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum there’s hope! Just because you’re about to hit the much talked about three decades doesn’t mean you should automatically have it all figured out by then. Progress is relative, just keep focus and moving. Comparism is a joy killer; You shouldn’t feel depressed just because someone else seems to have attained far more than you. Do you, keep at it and get results at your own pace.

A glimpse of tips to help you feeling more secure so you can revel in your new chapter:

5 Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30:

1. Your past does not define you: Bumps are expected in every success story, just don’t let it get to you when you hit rock bottom. Failure can be hard, yes, it can deal a brutal blow to your esteem but don’t let it, rather let it serve as a booster for you to succeed. Forgive you and Rise to the challenge: Embrace positivity, rid yourself of self doubt, improve knowledge, surround yourself with like minds and watch yourself soar.

2. Know thyself: While getting an education and building your empire at a corporate firm might sound all sleek, it’s not for everyone. Know who you are; your passions and strength. Your calling might just be somewhere else; The world offers endless possibilities; business, beauty, fashion…whatever, find you and invest self.

3. Trust your guts: You know that saying “your first instinct is always right.” Well, it is! The crowd may not have the right answer, learn to trust you. Self worth plays a major role in our quest for becoming all we want to be. For many of us, regret waddles into the equation when we review most of our biggest decisions, if only we learn to trust our gut feeling. Whether relationships, investments…stop second guessing yourself. Your instinct is your power. Own it!

4. ‘No’ holds the answer to true undiluted happiness
Although the word “NO” is real easy to pronounce, fact is, it takes it place as the HARDEST word to say. Be brave enough to say no when you don’t feel comfortable with something. Don’t feel the need to always please others, you have the right to say no. Your feelings matter. You matter and yes you too deserve fair treatment. The word “No” is so powerful and empowering it shields us from being oppressed. Learn to feel comfortable with politely declining. Set healthy boundaries and live your beautiful life.

5. Pamper you: Life’s too short! Stay energized and renew your optimism.
Amid the hustle and bustle, learn to make out “me” time. Self care is super important. No exaggeration, A trip to the spa once in a while can do wonders for your health. Quit being so hard on yourself, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be priority. Make changes in your schedule and your mind and body will be more than grateful.

Cheers to 30 and thriving!

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