5 Reasons you should consider Entrepreneur.

By Duchess Magazine

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Conceptualizing an idea and making good use of it, tends to be more fulfilling in the business world. To reduce unemployment and disappointment in seeking for jobs, one can take up entrepreneurship,therefore erasing the unemployment rate which has been a problem.

Perhaps you might have considered entrepreneurship at one point or you’ve never given it a thought, I like to tell you that, making a step towards becoming an entrepreneur is palatable.

post 2Not all of us would become an entrepreneurs, it is not necessary that we would all create a business, but there is a way you can ensure your idea is at work, Entrepreneurship is about enjoying what you are doing, creating your idea to change the society.

  1. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE: Your life is too important to use your time for what you are not happy about, there is this thing this days that is the order of the day and that is people sitting at home, because they are not employed, they’ve never give entrepreneurship a thought, you take control of your life. In an economy where by people struggle go to work for money, you as an entrepreneur you will struggle to make money, money work for you also. Being an entrepreneur will make you take total control of your life.
  2. SPEND YOUR LIFETIME BY YOURSELF: As a person working a 9 to 5 daily routine job, you rarely have time for yourself. You are probably among those who complain that they’ve got no enough time, but w all have twenty four hours a day, whether you are an entrepreneur or have a job.The advantage an entrepreneur have is that they are able to spend their time by themselves without complain, but your jobs do not allow you spend your time adequately. Entrepreneur gives you the ability to take charge of your time
  1. EARNING PROVABILITY BECOMES POSSIBILITY: In a job the best thing you will get is promotion, which is based on provability and this comes annually, you might be having your salary paid every month but earning probability is trapped in that job, but an entrepreneur you are in charge, your idea becomes an asset, your earning possibility is very realistic because your income increases on a weekly basis or monthly depending on the business. It does not increase on a yearly basis unlike a job but on a daily basis with entrepreneurship.
  2. FREEDOM OF LOCATION: A great opportunity that entrepreneurship gives you is that you are not tied down to a particular location. You can simply be flexible on your choice of location. Unlike a job where you resume to one location every day. Entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to move around and discover where you have comparative advantage in.
  3. YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PASS YOUR IDEA TO THE NEXT GENERATION: as you know that your conceptualized idea has been put together and brought up, it will simply be embraced by the society thereby passing it on to others, an entrepreneurs idea can last forever it is like a legacy dropped for others to carry on. considering becoming an entrepreneur is the best choice in this age of few jobs. If you look around you there are valuable ideas buried. You can leave your job today and create more jobs tomorrow

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