2020: An Unforgettable Ride – Untold Pain. Scars. Masked Blessings

By Duchess Magazine

They say when life gives you lemons, you make freaking awesome super exotic thirst- quenching lemonades. 2020, Whew! Dubbed a hell of a year, crazy year, unusual year…the labels. go on and on; between arriving 2020, plastering our walls with tons of to-do lists, foreseeable achieveable goals and all, to shaking up, bracing up and plunging right ahead, grave uncertainties ahead regardless, this year sure takes its place as one of the most difficult years ever.

Unprecedented Times:
The sombre reality of our world hit us with a brutal force: covid-19, struggling health systems, loss of loved ones, job loss, pay cut, escalation of racist attacks birthing the rise of #blacklivesmatter protest, yet, amid the chaos, looking back, we’ve somehow, managed to scale through nonetheless. Waking up each day with renewed determination, striving, as we launch ahead, trying to adjust to the new normal while scouting for potential cure for the virus.

With the passing of each day ushering in arising novel challenges, the wake of the coronavirus no doubt taught us to adapt, improvise and dare to overcome, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever, ready for whatever hurdles and challenges life throws across our paths. 2020 did not break us, rather, she revived our spirits.

Life lessons may come in different shades and although 2020 dealt us a bitter cookie, as we wrap up the final days of the year, we cannot but affirm the past days have taught us three things:

-Finding purpose amid the pain.
-Gratitude for even smallest blessings.
-Remembering base, as we are reminded of true essence, the power of togetherness and sisterhood.

To every magnificent woman out there holding her own and raising the flag high, we salute you!

Cheers to greatness!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year in advance. With love from Duchess International Magazine.

2021, bring it on!



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