Zendaya Is A DREAM For InStyle’s Best Dressed Issue

By Duchess Magazine

Zendaya for InStyle

Time and again the superstar has dished must-see fashion Lewks playing on her inner alter ego and in InStyle’s latest issue she spills on her fashion moments being an extension of her acting career, directing, lots more

During the interview with InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown for the magazine’s annual Best Dressed issue, with the feature titled –
‘Zendaya Is Entering Her Boss Phase’ the Euphoria actress explaining said:

“I think about red carpets as having their own characters and narratives. We build a little story for all the looks,” Zendaya shared. “It’s like an extension of my acting career in a weird way—you just pop this wig on or whatever it is. Clothes sometimes are very emotional, so I get to embody these different facets—maybe they’re of myself, or maybe they’re alter egos. But I get to meet these different women through clothes.”

When asked about looks that stand-out the most, Zendaya said the Moschino butterfly gown she wore to the Australian premiere of The Greatest Showman in 2017, the Joan of Arc-inspired chainmail dress she wore to the 2018 Met Gala, and the hot pink Tom Ford breastplate she wore to the 2020 Critics Choice Awards are three of her all-time favorites, as quoted by the mag.

The Emmy winner on being behind the cameras: ” I’ve always been interested in things behind the camera. But Euphoria really grew my love for cinematography, just watching Marcell Rév light things and make every frame gorgeous. He and [series creator] Sam Levinson build these beautifully intricate shots and put so much detail into everything. I’m a Virgo and I like to be thoughtful of everything. But watching them work inspired me to get more into photography.”

On taking on a traumatic scene:

“If I overanalyze a scene before I get to it, I’ll eventually get blocked because I’m judging myself, like, “You’re not doing this right.” There’s such a high expectation that I end up not being able to give anything at all.”

On holding it all together:
“Sometimes it takes a while, but it’s case-by-case. You can also use whatever you’re going through in therapy. I let that be a catalyst or an outlet for my personal feelings or things that I’m going through. A lot of times, with [my character] Rue, I have such a deep love for her that when she’s going through something, it breaks my heart. And your body doesn’t know that the situation isn’t real; it’s absorbing those things and really going through it. It can take time for your body to come back to normal.”

On what makes her nervous:
Messing up. Making mistakes. Not being the best I can possibly be at something. Failure. Again, that’s a Virgo thing. If something is not perfect or the best, then I feel like I might as well have not even done it. I turn something into being the worst thing, even if it was fine. But it’s not fine to me.

Other than becoming a director, my dream is to create my own things. I would love to make films that allow space for young up-and-coming artists, writers, and filmmakers — because especially with Black talent, it’s not a lack thereof; it’s a lack of opportunity. I’d like to give those opportunities: Partner upcoming filmmakers with different writers and mentorships, connect them with the actors they want to see in their films, and create those special bonds. And make sure they get paid and taken care of, ” Zendaya said.

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