Women in Technology: “Women should be Found in Tech,There are so many opportunities to explore” says Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

By Duchess Magazine

The technology sector is burgeoning, so if women really want to be at the seat of power in the future, it’s a space they need to break into.There is so much opportunity for women within the tech community, and it seems women are not found exploring and utilizing these opportunities.

founder of SheCodes web design and co-founder of TreatOut.com, NATHALIE CHRISTMAN COOPER Recently made a wake up call to women and urged them to endeavor they have good technology knowledge as its helpful and self fulfilling in the world today.

“You can get started in your spare time from home and fit studying around your day job. The best part is that there’s no age restriction; I launched myself in the tech industry in my mid-forties with relative ease. I started building websites for friends and family, and then found new clients by going to local small business networking events.

The tech industry thrives on collaboration. I’ve found male colleagues genuinely supportive, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. The tech sector is exciting and fun to be part of. It encourages open sharing and the discussion of ideas for the benefit of everyone.

Being a woman in tech has allowed me to carve a second career, work from home and still be a mum to my two teenage boys. I’ve started my own business as a freelance web designer, and ventured into the world of tech startup. I still want to be a mum. Children grow up so quickly and I don’t want to miss those precious moments. But I’m also me, and I don’t want to stop challenging myself either. Becoming a woman in tech means having my cake and eating it”.


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