Winnie Byanyima: A True Example of Diligence and Determination.

By Duchess Magazine



Winnie Byanyima, a distinguished woman in nature, and one of a kind in Uganda.was bred in an environs where violence was the order of the day, this was in the political regime of -Prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote and military general Idi Amin then in the 60’s.

Not regarding this eventuality she grew strong and it did not affect her in unveiling the super power in her, Byanyima saw her father’s as a Role model and followed her father’s activist footsteps, which has greatly made her a successful woman to be reckoned with.

However,she oversees social justice projects in more than 90 countries and she is the first Female African to run a global civil society group. Byanyima who knew the past history about Uganda’s parity in governance, came back from the UK to save the nation from injustice and violence which she experienced when she was still growing.

She has a good fighting spirit, breaking gender equality,informing the women on issues infringing on their rights. all were visible in her actions as she played an exemplary role.


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