Who Really Rules The Household? Parents Share Their Stories

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These parents thought they’d still be in charge after having a baby…

Before you became parents you might have thought that a baby wouldn’t dictate your life or your sleep routine. You reassured yourselves you’d be the same people and your baby would just slot into your usual life – and you definitely wouldn’t chatter on endlessly about sleep deprivation and bodily functions, like your friends. Nope, not you.

Except a few months into bringing up baby and you discover that they are now the official ruler of your household. Your little prince or princess dictates the pace of domestic life and the lifestyle of everyone in it – and you can’t remember what life was like before.

We’ve teamed up with Johnsons® to ask parents to share with us the moments when they realised their lives were no longer their own – when they started doing and saying things they never dreamt of Before Kids…


Strange things you find yourself thinking, saying and doing

“When you tell your roast chicken ‘out you come’ as you get it out of the oven”. Sophie

“When you’re in the supermarket alone and realise you’re gently pushing the trolley back and forth to keep it from waking up”. Helen

“Feeling like you are Queen of the Universe and a woman in control of her destiny because you put a wash on and the baby dozed for half an hour”. Sally


“When you point and shout ‘PLANE’ – then realise you’re on the way to work and your baby’s not with you and you’re getting strange looks. The same goes for police cars and fire engines and diggers and cranes and trains”. Niki

“Hearing yourself say, ‘Take the dinosaur OUT of your nose!’ or ’Don’t lick the bus stop”. Amy

“When the supermarket is your happy place (at least for me… it’s comforting in its familiarity!)” Hadassah

“Realising your matching boots aren’t. One’s black, one’s navy and the heels are different heights, which accounts for your weird gait all morning”. Tara

“Not responding to your own name. I’m so used to being Jacob’s mum at playgroups or Mummy. Hearing your actual name, makes you feel like you’re in trouble!” Juliet


You do the same things and go to the same places – but it’s not quite the same

“When a hot drink still being hot is a pure miracle”. Katie

“Things I used to see as ‘chores’ have now been rebranded ‘leisure activities’. Cleaning for example. If I have the house to myself to clean, that’s relaxation time”. Gillian

“Always allowing at least half an hour – for a last-minute nappy change, clothes change (you too) and gathering all the baby’s gear – before you can leave the house”. Toni

“Going to a work lunch and starting to cut up the client’s meat”. Catherine


“When you’ve been driving for a good 20 minutes after dropping your child off at nursery before realising nursery rhymes are still playing. Or when you realise you’re watching CBeebies bedtime hour after they’ve gone to bed”. Morag

“When going to the supermarket on your own after dark feels like a very big night out”. Sara

When you admit your standards have definitely slipped

“You look at your posset-splattered top from yesterday and wonder who will notice if you wear it again and save on the washing”. Sarah

“Clothing-stain assessment procedure is basically ‘if it’s not poo, it’s good to wear again’. I’m not even ashamed” Liz

Life may never be the same again but it’s a whole lot better in so many ways – because your baby has stolen your heart.

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Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

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