Unlock The Magic Of Time Travel With A Visit To Dubai’s Museum of the Future!

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A futuristic, inspiring, and almost unbelievable experience!

Dubai, reputed for its open-mindedness and progressiveness is well poised to clinch title of the leader of the future of innovation in the world.

Unleash your imagination and fast forward to the future via new super impressive technologies and be astonished by pure innovation as you experience the luxury and magic of creativity, science, and beauty with Dubai’s Museum of the Future.

An architectural masterpiece, proudly one of the world’s most complex structures displaying 3D printed elements and incorporating bespoke technology, undoubtedly one of Dubai’s famous landmarks, the Museum of the Future, designed by Killa Design architecture studio and engineered by Buro Happold and located in the Financial District of Dubai, UAE, hosts five floors: OSS Hope, Heal Institute, Al Waha, Tomorrow, Today & Future Heroes, each chapter providing a different experience.

The museum takes pride in powering a more sustainable future, through the use of solar panels (which supply the museum with sustainable energy)
rainwater and tap water which is taken and filtered before being used for plant irrigation.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future tirelessly highlights some of the planet’s major challenges and goes a step further, partnering with leading national and international companies towards boosting innovation and ushering in faster, effective growth.

Amongst her many attractions guaranteeing unforgettable memories, is the room full of life, presenting the rare privilege to explore a library where the generic code of over 2000 species is stored. She also offers an immersive experience through her OSS Hope Space Station – “humanity’s home in space,” offering breathtaking views from outer space, the 411 on legends of space as well as the opportunity to explore future inventions via realistic simulation, getting a view of what life could be like onboard a huge space station in 2071, reimagining the future through themes of space, humanity, and wellness.

Although the museum’s capacity is limited to a specific number of visitors daily due to high demand, with a ticket price of AED145, after checking availability and booking you get the opportunity to explore the iconic Museum of the Future, proudly dubbed The most beautiful building on earth.

The Museum of the Future is an “incubator for ideas and real designs, a driver for innovation, and a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs.”

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