To all the women who fought through the tough of 2022, CHEERS TO AMAZING 2023!

by Joseph Omoniyi
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To all the women out there who have worked tirelessly to support their families, whether it was easy or not, and who have persevered through tough times without any words of gratitude or appreciation.

To those who have excelled in their careers and businesses, and who have made sacrifices to create a better future for themselves.

To those who have stayed up late at night worrying about how to provide for their loved ones, and who have worked hard to provide a good life for their spouses and children.

To those who have reached out to help strangers, and who have invested in the lives of others, even if they may never see them again.

To those who have stood by their men and supported them, and who have overcome past failures and humiliations to stand strong again.

To those who have left abusive relationships and chosen not to conform to societal expectations, even if it meant being abandoned by many.

To those who have chosen to see the good in their future, despite societal attempts to define them by their mistakes.

To those who have exposed injustice and fought to reclaim their stolen identities.

To those who have faced many obstacles in 2022, but have continued to push forward and overcome them.

Thank you for being amazing.
Thank you for fighting through the storms of 2022.
Thank you for not giving up on yourselves.
Thank you for pressing on and staying alive.
We celebrate you and your strength and look forward to celebrating your continued success in 2023.
Happy New Year! hAPPY 2023!

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