Tina Knowles’ ‘Profiled: The Black Man’ docuseries debunks the black man stereotypes

By Duchess Magazine

Historical footage combined with real-life testimonies, and commentary from public figures including DeRay Mckesson, Tamika Mallory, Sway Calloway, Billy Porter, and more, through this profound mixture, Tina Knowles in collaboration with discovery+ and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is set to present an in-depth look through an upcoming four-part series which examines “the origins of the widespread stereotypes that have permeated society and impacted the lives of Black men in America for centuries.”

“The depictions we constantly see of Black men frequently minimizes the depth of who they are. Society has characterized Black men by stories told through biased and racially tinted lenses,” said Knowles-Lawson in a press release.

“Profiled: The Black Men is a love letter to Black men telling them we see them and that they deserve to exist in this world in their fullness. I am excited to lend my voice to reshaping the way our men are perceived and shining a light on the true essence of the Black men that I encounter every day.”

Produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions with P. Frank Williams as showrunner, Trell Thomas will serve as an executive producer, Kristen V. Carter as co-executive producer, while actor Tristan “Mack” Wilds hosts the docuseries.
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network oversees the production of the series.

“For most of my life, I’ve always had to wonder how people saw me and constantly have felt like I was fighting an uphill battle based on many of the negative stereotypes that surround me and people that look like me,” said Thomas. “I wanted to create this series in order to give Black men a voice and the power to write our own narrative and tell our own stories.”

According to the press release, each episode will dismantle “long-standing stereotypes about Black men that have plagued the nation since its inception while exploring and debunking a different stereotype each week.”

The four parts Tina Knowles' Profiled: The Black Man’ docuseries debunks the black man stereotypes as follows:

Episode 1 – “Black Men Are Dangerous” – Premieres Saturday, Feb. 12

Episode 2 – “Black Men Are Absent Fathers” – Premieres Saturday, Feb. 19

Episode 3 – “Black Men Devalue Black Women” – Premieres Saturday, Feb. 26

Episode 4 – “Black Men Don’t Cry” – Premieres Saturday, March 5

Profiled will premiere on Saturday, Feb. 12, exclusively on discovery+.


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