The Inspiring Story of Gina Onyejiaka: The Nigerian Beauty Queen Who Sponsored Herself to World Pageant

by Joseph Omoniyi
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In the early 1960s, the world was changing fast, and Nigeria, which had just gained independence from British colonial rule in 1960, was at the forefront of this change. The country was still finding its footing as a new nation, and its people were eager to assert themselves on the world stage. It was in this context that Gina Onyejiaka, a young Igbo woman from the southeastern part of Nigeria, made history by becoming the first Nigerian to participate in the Miss World pageant.

Gina was born in the mid-1940s in the town of Owerri, in present-day Imo State. She was the second of six children, and her parents, who were both teachers, instilled in her a love for learning and a strong sense of discipline from an early age. Gina was a bright and ambitious student, and she excelled in her studies, particularly in languages and literature. She was also a gifted athlete, and she represented her school in track and field events.

As a young woman, Gina was drawn to the world of fashion and beauty pageants. She was fascinated by the glamour and excitement of these events, and she dreamed of one day becoming a beauty queen herself. However, there were few opportunities for young women to participate in these competitions in Nigeria at the time.

Onyejiaka had participated in a contest in Nigeria where eight finalists were selected, with her being the first runner-up. The winner of the contest was supposed to represent Nigeria at the Miss World Pageant. However, Martha Bassey, who was crowned ‘Miss World Nigeria 1963’, was later disqualified for being underage, leaving an opportunity for Onyejiaka.

Despite this opportunity, Onyejiaka faced a lot of criticism from the beauty judges in Nigeria, who considered her ‘too ugly’ to represent the country. The judges refused to send a delegate to the pageant, leaving Onyejiaka to sponsor herself to travel to London for the event. Undeterred, Gina set her sights on the international stage, and she began to save up money to sponsor herself to participate in the Miss World pageant in London.

Gina Onyejiaka made history by representing Nigeria at the Miss World Pageant in London. She was the first Nigerian woman to ever fly the country’s flag at an international beauty pageant. However, her journey to the pageant was not a smooth one, as she had to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges to make it happen.

She had to fund her own trip and navigate the cultural differences in a foreign country. She had to adjust to the weather, food, and lifestyle of London, which was very different from what she was used to back in Nigeria. However, Onyejiaka persevered, and her hard work paid off when she represented Nigeria with grace and poise at the Miss World Pageant.

Gina’s dream became a reality in London, a young and determined woman, ready to take on the world. She had no official backing from the Nigerian government or any corporate sponsor, but she had a deep faith in herself and her abilities. Gina’s radiant beauty and graceful poise immediately caught the attention of the judges and the press, and she quickly became a crowd favorite.

Despite facing stiff competition from the other contestants, Gina held her own, impressing the judges with her intelligence, charm, and grace. She spoke eloquently about Nigeria and her people, and she wore a stunning traditional outfit made of colorful African fabric that showcased her pride in her heritage. In the end, Gina did not win the pageant, but she made history as the first Nigerian to participate in this prestigious event.

Gina’s achievement was significant, not only because she represented Nigeria with dignity and pride, but also because she shattered stereotypes and challenged the status quo. At a time when black women were still marginalized and excluded from many spheres of public life, Gina’s participation in the Miss World pageant was a powerful statement of empowerment and self-determination. She showed that African women could be beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished and that they had a place in the global community.

Gina’s legacy continues to inspire and motivate young women in Nigeria and beyond. Her determination, resilience, and grace under pressure are qualities that are needed more than ever in today’s world, where women still face many barriers and challenges.


Joseph Omoniyi

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