Tennis Star Chris Evert Says Menopause Contributed To Her Divorce

By Duchess Magazine

In a recent interview, tennis icon Chris Evert opened up about her past marriages, specifically how menopause influenced her divorce in 2006.

As a guest on “The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong,” Evert discussed divorcing her ex-husband, Olympic athlete Andy Mill, in 2006. The tennis star mentioned that her experience with menopause, a topic often seen as taboo, was partly to blame.

“We had a rough couple years because I married Greg Norman who was Andy’s friend and that was ― I don’t know,” she said. “I was going through menopausal stuff that doesn’t get talked about enough, what women go through at 50ish.”

Evert, 61, has three sons with Mill and explained to Armstrong how having kids changed her life, perhaps even more so than tennis.

“I went from being number one in the world and having those highs to meeting a great guy, Andy Mill, and having three children,” she said. “And that was … I don’t know if tennis brought joy as much as having kids brought joy to my life.”

During her chat, Evert noted that she and Mill now have a solid relationship despite their divorce and described him as a “great father.”

“Andy and I had are still a family without living together,” she said. “I think that’s the best way to put it.”


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