Stop limiting yourself by living inside your Dream- Stella Damasus

By Duchess Magazine

Nollywood Veteran actress and singer Stella Damasus Recently disclosed a heart felt  message about actualizing your dreams instead of just “living inside” on her website.
The movie star shared a message She wrote:
Some people might be put off by this title because it sounds impossible and unrealistic. I totally understand how it may come across but when I say ‘dreaming’ I am not referring to what goes on in your mind when you sleep. Rather, I am talking about those things you WISH for. The things you DESIRE. The things that you (or other people) regard as WISHFUL THINKING.
Some people have said things like, “I have big dreams”, or “I know what I want but it’s all wishful thinking”, or “I wish I could own this business but maybe in my next life” or “I desire this building so much but it’s not possible”. These are the kinds of statements I have learnt never to make ever again because they are words of pessimists and limited minds.
Many people have big dreams that were inspired by things around them, and in these dreams are huge opportunities, great ideas and wonderful innovations but it all starts and ends in their hearts because they call it DREAMS.
They talk about it, wish for it, dream of it but never do anything about it because it becomes a permanent resident in their heads. They don’t write it down or even make an attempt to look into it because it doesn’t appear as a possibility to them.
I have often said that “there is a big difference between GREAT SUCCESSFUL people and MEDIOCRE AVERAGE people”
The difference is that AVERAGE people dream and keep wishing and hoping that their dreams become reality without working on it, but SUCCESSFUL people dream and turn it into REALITY through VISION.
STOP limiting yourself by living inside your DREAM. That is not the REAL WORLD, it is the DREAM WORLD which you cannot control.
The DREAM is an idea of “what can be”, so you need to come out of that place and start to live in the reality of “what should be”, “what will be”, “what it can become” and then finally “what it has become”.
You have to decide when the DREAM PHASE should stop and when the VISION PHASE should begin.
A man without a VISION cannot be successful
A man without a plan will starve
When you have a DREAM
Write it
Visualize it
Plan it
Invest in it
Work on it
Be confident in it
Pray about it
And you will be successful in it.

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