Sophie Walker: ‘I’m running for Mayor of London so I can keep women safe’.

By Duchess Magazine

Sophie Walker, the current leader of the UK’s Women’s Equality Party,Recently unveiled her plans towards saving the women in the country from different abnormalities they faced in the country,

Sophie, recently restored the hopes of so many women by giving a thorough breakdown of happenings that most affect women in the country and also making her decision known to the general public towards this effect.



“I am running for Mayor of London because I am sick of hearing women’s needs and experiences being trivialized. I’m tired of seeing the Mayoral contest reduced to a competition between two men who don’t think the ‘big issues’ include women’s safety”.

Last year in London alone, 4,000 rapes were reported  a number that is only the tip of the iceberg because so few women come forward. Many feel shame because they are told what happened was their fault and dread at the prospect of telling their experience to a police force that is too often unsympathetic and a court system that achieves a six percent UK-wide conviction rate.

Compare that situation to knife-crime. Last year in London, 3,000 stabbings were also reported. There is quite rightly an outcry about this. So why is there no outcry about rape?

I am running for Mayor of London because I want to make London safe for women and show that this can be done right across the UK for women all across the country. I want to do it by educating young people about respect and consent; by ring-fencing funding for Rape Crisis centers and specialist support services for disabled and black and ethnic minority women; by creating more community action by police in rape hotspots and more preventative campaigns; by training our police and justice systems against bias.

Violence against women isn’t just something that happens. It’s not fair or reasonable or acceptable. Join our campaign. Because when we all speak up together, we can shout more loudly: “We count.”


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