She Got SPEED And DETERMINATION ! Harvard Alumni Turned Track Sensation: Gabby Thomas Overcame A Health Scare To Blaze Onto Olympics

By Duchess Magazine

women's 200-meter dash and is on way to Olympics

Talk unstoppable #BlackGirlMagic

Harvard degree in Neurobiology in the bag, currently studying for her master’s degree in epidemiology, just weeks ago overcame a health scare and now she’s got the golden ticket to the Tokyo Olympics 2021, fact is, the third fastest woman in the world, Gabby Thomas sure knows more than a trick or two when it comes to overcoming hurdles!

Over the weekend, the track runner 24, won the women’s 200-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in 21.61 seconds – a near historic win in Eugene, Oregon, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics

“I blacked out during that race,” the 24-year-old said with a laugh. “I know beforehand I wanted to focus on accelerating through the first 100 and keep the momentum — come off the turn feeling really good.”

“Everything’s just kind of hitting me right now. I’m still in disbelief,” she told TODAY on Tuesday about her performance. “I’ve been working really hard, so I’m not entirely too surprised in running fast, but that fast was unexpected for me.”

Dishing on the reality Thomas said:

“It definitely lived up to what I expected,” she said. “It’s been a long journey. It’s been years of patience and following my own path, so to have it all come together in that moment was so surreal.”

According to Thomas, pursuing her education and track and field has really impacted her;

“Being in school really makes me appreciate what I am doing on the track,” she told Runner’s World. “Being able to compartmentalize two different things that I love doing really makes you appreciate the time that you love doing it.”

Recall few weeks ago Thomas had wondered if she’ll ever run at all as while getting an MRI for a hamstring injury, doctors found a tumor in her liver. Tests revealed it was benign.

Recalling the moment, the athlete said:

“At first I wasn’t too worried about it, but the more I kept talking to doctors they kept saying cancer,” Thomas recounted. “Fortunately, they found out it was benign just a couple of days before I left. I remember telling God that if I am healthy, I am winning trials.”

..”and I was just thinking if I make it out of this healthy, I’m going to do everything I can to live my life to the fullest, and that included making the team and winning the championship,” she told TODAY

“My dream was to make the Olympic team, not to even win the Olymptrials — not even to break the meet record. Now that I’ve accomplished those as well, I’m just going to set higher goals and I’m excited about that.”

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