Savannah James On Married Life With LeBron, Why She’s So Private On Social Media and Her Incredible Year

By Duchess Magazine

“You should never have a fear of doing what you really aspire to do or what you’re passionate about. You can prioritize and keep the balance.”

Savannah James is having a really good year: two years after she, husband LeBron James and their three kids returned to their home state of Ohio, LeBron led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA championship in the city, she celebrated her 30th birthday with a Ferrari and the Akron-native recently christened the newest Goodyear blimp, Wingfoot Two, in her hometown. We caught up with her at the christening to see how life has been back in Ohio and how she continues to redefine what it means to be a basketball wife.

It’s been a big year for your family with winning the NBA championship.
I couldn’t be more proud of LeBron. He came back and did exactly what he ultimately deep down inside wanted to accomplish for his city. Being back home is a part of what makes us so happy.

You have been an integral part of LeBron’s success. What has been your strategy?
I’m his support system with whatever he needs. If he needs someone to listen to him. If he needs to talk or if he says, “Hey babe, I’m tired. Can I take a nap?” I will say “Yeah, baby. Take a nap,” and keep the kids occupied. It’s a part of the role that I play as the mother of his kids and being his wife. The balance that I create in our house is for his success. He is very busy and I understand that, and the kids are at the age now that they get it. Being there for him is a huge part of his success.

You’ve had a big year yourself celebrating 30 with a new Ferrari!
It has been awesome. It will be even more awesome when I can drive it. (laughs) I cannot drive a manual. I’ll learn to drive it. By this spring it’ll be on and poppin’ in my new Ferrari.

You’ve been so strategic in how you share and what you share of your family on social media. What’s your approach?
I do what feels right. I’m a very private person in general. With all the social media outlets, I feel like I have the choice to show you what I want to show you.

As a mom of three, a businesswoman and philanthropist, how do you manage your time?
There’s always a fear for moms if they are as present with the kids as much as they think they should be. You should never have a fear of doing what you really aspire to do or what you’re passionate about. You can prioritize and keep the balance. I have a good time with my kids. I love to turn on music and we all dance in the living room together. But you’ll never see me. I will not post me dancing.

What are you most proud of?

I’m very excited about my new mentoring program. I’m excited to do my prom dress drive coming up again. We have some amazing dresses for these young ladies. They’re very deserving, and I know that sometimes their means get hard. I want girls to look forward to that. My favorite moment was when a young lady who put a dress would not stop crying. We told her how beautiful she was. She said, “I’m just so excited. I just never thought that this would happen for me.” That’s why I do it. Those exact words she said because she deserves it.

Congrats on christening the new Goodyear blimp and being back in Akron. Your kids, your husband and family were all front row to see you.
It means everything. How I support my husband is definitely how he supports me. My family was here from my mom and sister to my best friend from high school. This is home. These are my roots. The best thing about being back is that my family is here. My 97-year-old grandmother is here. We do holidays together and I am able to raise my kids in Ohio. We’re very much family people so to have our extended family around is very nice.

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