Representation Matters! #DidYouKnow Miami Dade County Florida Has Over 200 Black Female Fire Fighters?

by Duchess Magazine
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#DidYouKnow Miami Dade County Florida Has Over 200 Black Female Fire Fighters?

Breaking Barriers! The narrative is changing because YES SHE CAN. Women are building their confidence game, taking on sterotypically male dominated fields and excelling while at it and yes, we love to see it!

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Florida boasts of a high number of female firefighters who boldly and selflessly put their lives at risk while trying to save others.

For the very first time ever in the department’s 57 year history, in 2020, a group of five female firefighters made history in Florida at Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue.

The team working the shift was made up of rescue lieutenants Krystyna Krakowski and Kelsey Krzywada, firefighter paramedic Julie Dudley, captain Monica Marzullo and driver engineer Sandi Ladewski.

“We made history!!!! First time in our department we have have had an all female crew!!! It is beyond empowering to stand alongside these strong woman. Not only is it awesome to get to work with these badass ladies but it’s a special day…” an excited Krystyna Krakowski said.

“I am completely humbled,” Krakowski said. “I think we all are. It’s empowering. We’re all about women empowerment. It’s exciting. It’s sad that that’s not the norm but it’s becoming the norm.”

Well done ladies!

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