Reasons Why ‘Yemi Alade’ can be Tagged one of Africa’s most Empowered Women.

By Duchess Magazine


Entertaining and making great difference in it, is indeed tough, but currently Afro-Pop Singer Yemi Alade has within a little time frame paved way for her brand and music, the singer has been able to bring herself to limelight which was not an easy-going one. beyond the fact that she is beautiful and have a great sense of
artistry,she is a Nigerian native, and  continues to rise to international stardom, she makes it
evident that she never forgets where she comes from, and that she is proud to be a Nigerian-
African woman.

As this courageous and talented songstress continues to be the captain of her own ship and as she has become one of the leading pioneers of Nigeria’s international music exports, Yemi Alade embodies empowerment, thus inspires the rest of us to do the same. As a result,

Here are  reasons Yemi Alade is one of Africa’s most empowered women


The innovative Effyzzie Music Group Mobile App was originally created for Miss. Alade to better communicate with her fans. She is the first Nigerian Artist to own her own mobile app.


Yemi Alade ‘s Jewelry line, titled Yemi Alade Collection shows that she is not only a gifted musician, she is also a business woman. Yemi’s jewelry collection includes uniquely crafted, pieces of art inspired by aesthetics of distinct African cultures. Her line encourages the everyday woman to wear jewelry that reflects their own style. Yemi is a renaissance woman in her own right.


Yemi graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Geography. This rising star trails a leading example for young African women by showing them that education is a core foundation that is paramount, and that it is more alluring to have both beauty and brains.

 A Natural Beauty

A natural hair wave has ignited amongst women of the Africa Diaspora as more and more African women begin to shed European standards of beauty and embrace their own standards of beauty. Yemi Alade is one who has become fearless and confident with showcasing her natural hair to the world, therefore this African queen encourages other women to be proud and embrace their God given natural beauty.

 Celebrating African Women throughout her Music

As the smash hit singer of “Johnny”, the Afro-pop star continues to make a global name for herself. Yemi Alade has still managed to pay homage to her homeland of Nigeria and give recognition to the strength of African women throughout the Continent. The humble Igbo-Yoruba native is set to break forth with her 2nd album titled “Mama Africa,” set to be released in March of 2016. The album, according to Yemi herself, “…focuses on the joys and pains, the highs and lows, the strengths and weakness of an African woman. In short, it is the diary of an African woman.”


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