#QuickFacts: 3 Awesome Benefits Of Sweet Yummy Ice Cream You Should Know ???

By Duchess Magazine

The Ultimate Comfort Food!

Blueberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, strawberry shortcake icecream…the list is endless. This frozen delight made from dairy milk or cream and flavoured with a sweetener, sugar or any other alternative of choice has captivated hearts as early as 3000 BC in China

Often eaten as a snack or dessert, ice cream doesn’t just do wonders for the taste buds, it does for the health as well. Loaded with Vitamin C, E, D, B6, B12 and Vitamin K, the delicious treat sure comes with tons of health benefits. But hey, that’s not an excuse to over do it though so we don’t bring: increase of blood pressure, bloating, sluggishness, weight gain, dental health issues, ( need I go further?) in the mix.

Health benefits of ice cream

Ice cream

3 Quick Benefits Of Ice Cream:

1. A happier you: Feeling depressed? A scoop of ice cream might just do the trick! Instant brain boost. Amino acids contained in ice cream, more specifically tryptophan are reputed for increase in serotonin production which helps combat mood swings and uplifts mood.

2. Fertility – What better excuse to indulge??

Did you know high-fat dairy, ice cream inclusive can help increase chances of becoming pregnant but low-fat dairy foods may increase infertility risk? Findings by Harvard researcher Jorge E. Chavarro, MD, ScD, and colleagues totally backs it up.

3. Your bones get stronger: Well count me in!
Amazingly this creamy goodness doesn’t just taste good but it’s great for bone health as well. Calcium and healthy bones work hand in hand and ice cream contains calcium.

So yeah, it’s official! Calcium fortified ice cream can contribute to bone health

There you go, 3 great reasons to enjoy a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream.

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