#PostPartum Diaries: Nikki Bella Opens Up About ‘Pressure To Snap Back’ After Having A Baby!

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Nikki Bella talks on pressure to snap back

American television personality and retired WWE professional wrestler Nikki Bella is a proud new mom and she’s not letting the snap back pressure get to her.

The Bella twin who has always been open about her struggles after welcoming her son, including with postpartum depression, recently dished on the pressure to snap right back, also taking the opportunity to send an important message to fellow moms.

Nikki while on Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast with her twin sister, Brie, stressed that she will continue to be open and honest about her experience.

‘What I have realized is that, as moms, we do not talk about that enough because I believe we feel like everybody then automatically thinks that we hate our baby if we say we’ve postpartum depression, which, that is not it at all.’ It’s totally the battle within yourself, within your partner [or] significant other. Especially for career women, I think.’

Nikki also explained the pressure to snap back is upped especially for those in the spotlight: ‘We go from like these major careers and then we are here. And then I am looking in the mirror and I think us, in the spotlight, there is so much pressure to get back to where we were in a very short amount of time.’

Ashley agreed, saying that ‘the snapback – It’s bulls**t.’

Nikki added that ‘It messes with you. Someone the other day was like, ‘Gosh, she is still big!’ and I was like ‘Excuse me?”

Nikki Bella in addition to her sister’s unwavering support also revealed that she is currently getting a lot of help from a life coach as well. According to her, the coach makes Nikki grab the parts of her body she does not like at this point and tells her to thank them for making her son and keeping him safe during the pregnancy.

“She makes me like grab parts of my body I don’t like and then I say, like, ‘Thank you for creating Matteo and making him healthy,'” the 37 year old explained. “And [I’m] appreciating and loving my body.” She said.

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