“Planning is important but be flexible” says Teta Isibo, founder of Inzuki, Rwanda.

By Duchess Magazine

Teta Isibo is the creative mind behind Inzuki a dynamic young Rwandan brand specializing in jewelry, accessories and interior decor hand-made primarily from local materials.

With no background in fashion or business, Teta quit her job as an urban planner with the city of Kigali to start her own business. Today Inzuki bees in the local language  and is part of a wider Rwandan cultural Renaissance.

she has been able to come on heels is the fashion industry in Rwanda with her remarkable approach towards unique designs and decorations.

Teta Isibo recently gave out a piece of advice towards upcoming designers, to always be flexible to adapt to the nature of the job no matter  plans  that has been layed down.

“Plan before you start and always leave room for change because things will most likely not go exactly the way you want them to.” she said.


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