Passion and perseverance brought me this Far – Creative Director Tinus Interior Designs Atinuke Obabiyi Reveals Start-up Story.

By Duchess Magazine



The Brainbox behind Tinus Interior Design Atinuke Obabiyi Recently revealed her Sojourn into interior Design as one which has been driven with keen Passion and persistence, which has paid her over the years.

Tinus interior design is a company which aims at taking the face of interior creativity to a greater level in the country, through its exciting designs and wide range of versatility.

Phebean Emegha of Duchess International  Exclusively  Interviewed with her, she disclosed her journey so far and how her passion for interior design has brought her to limelight.

Excerpts from the Interview

Can we meet you?

My  name is Atinuke Obabiyi Nicol, I am the creative Director of Tinus Interior Design, I am from Lagos State, I am from a Family of two I had my primary and secondary Education here, and furthered to the university of Lagos where I graduated studying Philosophy, I did professional courses in interior designing and was awarded a diploma certificate.

What inspired you to start up your company?

From a very little Age I had flair for creating designs and artworks, I have always loved designing things, when I was a teenager, I made arrangements of my room in my own way, my Dad and I had series of arguments, not knowing that was where I had comparative advantage in. Most people do business because they want to make money, but I ventured into interior design based on my passion, I had to confirm that passion very well by putting all my creative ideas into practical work. I am passionate about interior design which I discovered and made good use of. I am doing interior designs not because others are into it, but it’s my passion and I am passionate about.


What does Your Company do?

Tinus Interior design is a full consultancy and interior design company, we specialise in providing creative interior solutions to clients from different areas, we carter for clients nationwide, we give our budget, and also work on your budget to ensure we give the best in making your (space) house look beautiful and attractive. We help in designing general makeovers and styling of corporate and individual spaces, we manage your design project from conception to completion.


Why should anyone use your service or Product?

You should patronise my service because I am very passionate about my job, I pay more attention to a lot of things in a well detailed format. I make sure everything is properly done from start to finish, I am very particular about the jobs I get in dishing out good finishing touches to prospective clients.

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Any Challenges so Far?

There is no career without ups and downs, it takes patience, dedication and commitment to thrive in your line of business, for you to see good result what I face is just being a woman in the midst of men.


How have you been able to overcome these Challenges?

I have been a patient person and my passion sure moves me on, when things are not working fine, I always hold on to the fact that, this is my soul job and it definitely works for me, because I strongly believe in what I do.


Being a woman in this field of business does it affect you?

Not exactly, well most people involved in interior design are Men but I make sure it does not affect me. In relating with Architects, tillers I wear the figure of a man and do my job, as a woman you will be looked down on but once you know what you want to achieve there is no circumstance that can pull me down


What is your take on Women Supporting Women?

Women should support women, but unfortunately women are the ones bringing themselves down due to envy, jealously. Every woman should strive to work hard and be passionate about what she does. When I started I was looked down on, people started saying different things about me all because there was a market boom. Not knowing my drive and hard work, Women should always support women to make the world we live in a better place.

Tell us a little about your team?

I work with Architects, my creative assistant and my project manager, we work hand in hand as a team to make the job we get successful.

What are your future Aspirations for your company?

I believe the future is so bright for me, I want to see my company become an empire. I have good plans for the company to grow more and be a successful leading face in interior designing in the country.

What is your advice to others looking to start up?

Generally before you start any business make sure you are passionate about it, don’t just dive into any business because others are doing it, No it’s likely to crash, you have to be committed to what you want to go into.



For more details about Tinus Interior design see below:

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