Parents Adorably Recreate Photo With Sextuplets Six Years Later

By Duchess Magazine

With two photos, one Ohio family has truly captured how much can change in six years.
After facing fertility issues, Rozonno and Mia McGhee welcomed sextuplets in 2010. The family became known for a sweet photo featuring the newborn babies sprawled across their father’s back in front of their mother. Six years later, they recreated the photo with the same photography studio.
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Since the kids have grown so much, the sextuplets weren’t all able to lounge across their dad like they did in the original photo. Instead, Rozonno Jr., Elijah, Olivia, Madison, Josiah and Issac sat in pairs near their parents while wearing brown tank tops and blue jeans. Photographer Brian Killian, who took the original photo for the family with assistance from his wife, Janine Killian, told ABC News they used the same strategy for both photos. They photographed two kids at a time and used Photoshop to mash the pictures together for the final result.
In an interview with Today, Brian said that even before the original photo of the family became so popular, he knew it was “special.”
“I think people still remember seeing it six years ago,” he said. “To have six little babies asleep on their dad — that’s a unique portrait.”

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