New Book Addresses Stereotypes That Say Minorities Are Unattractive, Uneducated, Loud, Violent, Single, Poor and Lazy!

By Duchess Magazine

Nationwide — Jessica M. McEachern, MA, MSW says she wrote Societal Perceptions to help people connect with various experiences and identify misperceptions within society. Her book utilizes experiences, observations, and narratives to explore how societal perceptions impact individuals, families, cultures, communities, and associations.
After finishing the book, readers will have a new understanding on how viewpoints, behaviors, thinking, and experiences constrain individuals, families, communities, cultures, and race relations within society.
Even more, the book encourages readers to take the initiative to change thinking and actions to change societal views. Jessica examines issues that are prevalent within society, and the topics within the book can be explored daily as topics on the radio, television, social media, and within educational settings.
Societal Perceptions discusses various topics including: dating, relationships, marriage, divorce, complexions, sexuality, religion, person in environment, human rights, self-determination, social justice, privilege, stereotypes, perceptions, social media, music, athletics, education, cultural competency, cultural differences, mental health, domestic violence, substance use, politics, violence, discrimination, racism, equal opportunity, history, exclusion, inclusion, diversity, and change.
The book is available as an ebook on iBook (iTunes), and as both an ebook and paperback and
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