Ne-Yo Opens Up About How #Quarantine Help Save His Marriage At The Brink Of Divorce

By Duchess Magazine

Amid the ugly woes of divorce and separation trailing most marriages in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, sparks have been ignited for American singer-songwriter Neyo and wife Crystal and we couldn’t be more excited.
Recall that in February, news about Miss Independent singer @neyo splitting from his wife @itscrystalsmith of almost four years went viral.

The pair who met on the set of a music video and instantly began dating before getting wedded Feb. 2016 were resolved co-parenting their two young sons.
However, the singer during an interview with Kendra G said things are back on track: “When you’re faced with a pandemic and you see people dying daily – bunches of people dying all of the time, it really puts things in perspective for you. Like whose there for you regardless of whatever.
I have a handful of people like that on the face of the planet. When this thing went down and all of a sudden it was like, ‘Hey! It ain’t safe to be outside’…I said to myself, ‘Okay, if I gotta be inside I want to be inside with people that I know love me beyond a shadow of a doubt and that I love beyond a shadow of a doubt.’ If you listen to the ‘Pinky Ring’ song it ain’t a diss record. I didn’t say anything foul about her through the whole song.

It was just a record about what I was going through at the time and how I chose to deal with it.

So, when I came home…I came home to the people that I love and that’s everybody that I love.
That’s my mother, my sister, my four children, and my wife.” #neyo#crystalsmith#love#marriage#celebrity#celebritynews#entertainmentnews#quarantine#quarantinelife#isolation#covid19#covid-19 #celebritymarriage#husbandandwife#spark#romance#romantic#relationship#couple#goals#blacklove#divorce#news

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