Naomi Osaka Makes History As SweetGreen’s Youngest Investor And Ambassador

By Duchess Magazine

Naomi Osaka Makes History Ad SweetGreen's Youngest Investor And Ambassador

With lens focused on changing the future of fast-food to healthier options, 23 year old tennis champ Naomi Osaka is teaming up with health focused fast-food brand sweetgreen.

Osaka is the company’s first national athlete ambassador and youngest investor to date.

The news was announced by sweetgreen on its website.

Osaka, who firmly believes the food she eats greatly impacts her off and on the court hopes to spread the message of a healthy diet through the collaboration.

“I’m proud to join forces with sweetgreen to change the way the world thinks of traditional fast-food sponsorships. As an athlete, what I put into my body directly correlates to how I perform and eating delicious, healthy foods fuels my daily routine,” said Osaka. “I’m excited about the work we’re doing together to create a positive impact.”

“Our goal is a big one: to change the way brands and athletes speak to future generations about the importance of what they eat,” said Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen co-founder and chief brand officer. “Sweetgreen is honored to partner with Naomi because she stands for what she believes in and uses her platform to educate and inspire the next generation.”

The three-time Grand Slam singles champion, philanthropist, and advocate beaming with excitement on her newest business venture further explianed on Twitter:

“Anyone that knows me knows I’ve been into @sweetgreen for a while (I eat it three times a week when I’m training/at shoots), which is why I’m excited to share that I’m their newest partner and youngest investor,” she tweeted.

Osaka worked with sweetgreen’s culinary team to design a custom bowl that will debut nationwide on Thursday, May 20th. The Naomi Osaka Bowl features warm quinoa, baby spinach, cilantro, tomato, tortilla chips, raw carrots, goat cheese, blackened chicken, lime-cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette, avocado, and sweetgreen hot sauce.

As part of the new venture, 100% of The Naomi Osaka Bowl proceeds will go to The Asian American Foundation in their effort to advance equity in the AAPI community.

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