Meet Tinu Janelle Okotore: Nigerian-Canadian Advocate for Environmental Progress and Inclusive Leadership

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Tinu Janelle Okotore, a Nigerian-Canadian law student at The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law, is making waves with her commitment to energy and environmental law. With a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Kent, Tinu’s journey to success has been marked by resilience and a dedication to advocacy.

Tinu’s impact extends beyond the classroom, as she serves as the Responsible Business Coordinator for the Ohio Sustainable Business Council. She is also a prolific writer, contributing impactful Op-eds to publications like In one notable piece, she dissected the implications of House Bill 4 on freedom of speech and environmental progress in Ohio, highlighting her depth of knowledge and commitment to advocacy.

Despite facing discouragement in high school, learning disabilities, and personal trials, Tinu has remained steadfast in pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer. Her commencement speech resonated deeply with audiences, serving as a powerful testament to resilience in the face of adversity.

Tinu is not only a dedicated student but also an active member of her community. She volunteers with Role Model Magazine, a platform that celebrates pioneering women and their contributions to society. As a speaker and MC at the 2024 International Women’s Day event co-hosted with Nordstrom, she emphasized the critical roles women play in leadership and community development.

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