Meet the woman who walked 10,000 Miles on quest for Nature.

By Duchess Magazine

Switzerland’s Sarah Marquis,embarked on an adventurous trip from Siberia to south Austrilia, she covered 10,000 miles in 1000 Days, this has to be termed ‘one in a million adventure’ which has brought her to limelight among other women.

Sarah Marquis’ journey took her through two continents, six countries and eight pairs of walking boots.It took her three years, 3,000 cups of tea and she did the journey alone, without no form of automobile but on foot, Marquis’ route took her 10,000 miles across the globe.

According to Marquis “It was a dream of mine,” she says. “It was a response to the calling I’ve got inside me. I want to understand nature and what I’m made of at a deeper level.”

10000 miles

Marquis, aged 43, was born in a small village in northern Switzerland’s Jura Mountains.She says she grew up curious and spent most of her childhood running wild in the Swiss countryside, climbing trees and watching birds. When she was eight she ran off with her dog and spent the night in a cave. she was able to undergo this adventure,with rough experiences, firstly was her struggle to find food, which according to her was indeed taskful.

10 miles 2

However this adventure sequentially erupted into different phases when Marquis was was attacked by gun-wielding drug lords in the Laos jungle in the middle of the night, an event that she says shook her.”I am proud to be a woman,” she says, “but sometimes I wish I had a man’s muscles and hair everywhere.”

Marquis  was not demoralized due to  weakness associated with the feminine gender, as this was visible around her accomplishments, but adequately did not deny additional challenges she faced, due to her gender.”I had to disguise myself as a man in certain countries that lack rights for women,” says Marquis.”In parts of China, for example, any woman seen alone is considered a prostitute.” Marquis added that anyone could replicate her journey if they set their mind to it.

Marquis is an established speaker and has just published a book about her experiences over the three years. she titles the book “The desert woman who crossed Australia’s Dead Heart”.

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