Meet Africa's Most creative Women Jewellery Designers

By Duchess Magazine

These African Women Jewellery Designers have been debated on by weighing their power and capacity, whose unique sense of style and creativity we love.  They are both inspirational and practically making such a difference to the jewellery design landscape on the African continent.
The inspirational South African grande-dame of jewellery design, Jenna Clifford, whose beautiful creations are worn by the some of the world’s most beautiful and influential women. And then there are the women jewellery designers who are taking traditional African jewellery and beading craftsmanship to a whole new level, such as Katherine-Mary Pichulik with her increasingly globally renowned brand of the same name; or Abimbola Baolgun of Nigeria’s Bimbeads Concept who is elevating the art of beading and creating the most spectacular pieces inspired by nature; or Rwanda’s trend-setting Teta Isibo of Inzuki Designs who creates jewellery pieces that are integral to her seasonal accessory collections; or Njuhi Chege, the inspiration behind Kenyan jewellery brand Riri, taking her inspiration from the landscape and harnessing the skills of talented local artisans to create jewellery that reflects interesting textures and vibrant use of colour. At the other end of the jewellery spectrum come Africa’s innovators and eco-designers, led by the most inspirational Ashley Heather, who is creating fabulous contemporary jewellery made from the precious metals reclaimed from computer and cellphone circuit boards. Or the avant garde designers creating memorable jewellery pieces with a unique African aesthetic, such as Laura Nyahuye of Adornu in Zimbabwe, whose work is challenging traditional notions of jewellery design. Each of these African Women Jewellery Designers are to be celebrated for their incredible passion for what they do, their incredible craftsmanship, their unique eye for design, and their support for indigenous African jewellery crafting skills – we are so inspired by what they are doing.

“Throughout our history, our company has remained true to its original vision: To create jewellery that touches the soul and warms the heart as much as it delights the eye, to create iconic, mastercrafted jewellery in accordance with the highest quality standards, to support local manufacturers in our production and sourcing methods.”

— Jenna Clifford, Founder & Designer of Jenna Clifford Pty Ltd

“I knew I had to be different from every other beaded jewellery designer so I went online… My designs are different because they are customised… They are designs that are uniquely and individually crafted.”

— Abimbola Balogun, Founder and CEO of Bimbeads Concept

“All ‘ashley heather’ jewellery is handcrafted in our Woodstock workshop using precious metals reclaimed from circuit boards by a small refinery right here in South Africa. We care about every aspect of the craft and are constantly striving for the most sustainable studio practices from the manufacturing processes right through to the packaging. We craft every piece using age old silversmithing techniques combined with contemporary designs pared down to their essential qualities. The simplicity of the designs allows the material, craftsmanship and the wearer to shine.”

— Ashley Heather, Founder of the ashley heather brand

“The whole ethos of the Pichulik brand is alchemy of transforming everyday materials, and through touch and craft and design, elevating them into something precious and covetable.”

— Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Founder of Pichulik

Source: Lioness of africa

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