Maniba Mazari Baloch:

By Duchess Magazine

Iron Lady Of Pakistan Defying The Odds And Shattering Glass Ceilings ?? Born in Baluchistan, Pakistan on March 3, 1987, married off at 18 to Khurram Shahzad, a former Pakistan Air Force pilot, 2008, aged 21 and Muniba’s life changed forever; the couple was involved in an accident, which left her paraplegic – Muniba’s hands, shoulders, and rib cage were all broken with serious injuries to the liver and lungs.

But the doctor had even more devastating news; she could never ever become an artist, as her hands couldn’t even lift a pen, due to the serious damage suffered by her spine, she would not be even able to get up and walk or ever be able to become a mother – her world crumbled. Adding more pain, her husband abandoned her.

Confined to the hospital bed for two years, rather than break her, the life-changing experience spurred her on. Her will to live and take charge of her life became even stronger. She fought to be better and delved into achieving her dreams, embracing the arts and determining to live by her own terms right from the hospital bed.

Muniba Mazari fine tuned and broadened her skills and didn’t shy away from the spotlight ultimately gaining fame in multiple areas, as an artist, activist, anchor, model, singer and motivational speaker.

Man thanks to her motivational speech which traversed discrimination and gender inequality, offering message of hope to the brokenhearted in November 2014 at a TEDx event organized in Islamabad, she shot to superstardom.

Inspiring a whole new generation with her zeal and courage, the renowned Pakistani activist has gotten recognition globally; was chosen by Pond’s (a beauty brand) as the Pond’s Miracle Woman, was chosen by international hairdressing salon, Toni & Guy, to become the first-ever wheelchair-bound model in Asia, First Pakistani UN GoodWill Ambassadorfor UN Women, was appointed by the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to be a part of Pakistan’s first ever National Youth Council, made the Forbes 30 under 30 list, it goes on ? .


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