Kamala Harris Expresses Gratitude For Black Women Support During Election

By Duchess Magazine

It’s no news that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his vice-presidential candidate. That decision of which has got many giving the nod saying it is a right move towards Biden’s move for presidency.

Among those who have been at the fore front cheering, Black women have been showing significant support toward Harris, a Black, HBCU-educated, woman as the vice president of the United States which will no doubt greatly affect the future of Black girls.

In an essay the American Politician and Attorney penned and posted by Essence, Harris thanked Black women for their support during the campaign:

“We’re grateful that Black women across the country have had our backs,” she wrote. “Black women hold the power in this election. So we need to talk to everybody in our lives, including young people, to encourage them to vote. We need to get our families, our neighbors, our whole villages to the polls.”

In the essay, Harris also stressed the importance of voting in a historic election with a lot at stake in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump. We must elect Joe Biden,” she wrote.

“Joe and I have a plan to contain this virus with a national strategy that includes masks, widespread free testing, contact tracing, and a free and safe vaccine,” she explained. “We’ll make sure our frontline workers, many of whom are Black, have the personal protective equipment and support they need. We will provide schools and businesses with clear, evidence-based guidelines to reopen safely—and the resources to do so.”

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