International Men’s Day: Unbelievable! Here is how you’re unknowingly killing your man

By Duchess Magazine

Society has always placed bigger burdens, and expectations on the male gender, even right from childhood, just as it does with women in some other areas too. They are victims of social expectations, even if their nature might be different. Men are expected to be wired with special strength, just by being born male. “Be a man! Face it like a man! Be a man!”, you would usually men as a response or ‘motivation’ to a man going through some depressive moments.

Here are some of the expectations society slams on men:

Be a complete man – Women want their men to be strong and soft at the same time! They should take financial responsibility, yet be capable enough to change diapers and help out with household chores.

Be responsible for their basic family unit as well as the extended family – when a woman is a single breadwinner, the extended family does not expect more than what is absolutely necessary. Children also demand only the absolute essentials from her. But if a man is a breadwinner, he is expected to fulfill even additional responsibilities (like marriages of siblings, funerals, etc). His children, too, demand beyond essentials, and the list of desirables is long.

A man is often expected to juggle between his parents and his partner: It is believed that a good man is one who is neither a mommy’s boy nor a puppet in the hands of his wife.

A man is always expected to provide more than what his father could provide him: Better education, better living standards, and better quality time are the new social expectations.

Holding up a social image for the rest of the family – the peer pressure for a social image and social status is higher on a man compared to a woman.

Being sensitive enough to support, but being strong enough to not expect support – most people perceive men asking for support as weak.

Maintain the Tough Image and follow the notion “Boys don’t cry”: A man is not allowed to cry or even show some anger. Such drastic change in emotions (or so-called mood swings) is only for women.

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