How to nail the Infinity pleats gele trend

By Duchess Magazine

The statement gele look that seems to be the in thing is done (to perfection) with 6 yards of ‘Ankara’ fabrics and fashion loving ladies are already embracing the super bold and detailed look that makeup artists and salon have since been making a lot on.

Ankara Infinity Pleats Gele

The statement infinity pleats gele is inspired by the common pleats gele that used to be the rave before now. Before graduating into styling the infinity pleats gele, it’s important to know how to perfect the normal pleats gele as it makes the former easier to achieve.

Check the steps as simplified by Yemisi Seriki of Nsure Beauty below:

  1. Fold the Gele into 2 equal half ( I am using half Gele )

  2. Wrap around your head.

  3. Overlap the Gele at the back of your neck

  4. Bring the hand of the Gele forward and pause at the middle of your forehead.

  5. Make a few pleat

  6. Take the pleat to the back

  7. Change hands to help create wings

  8. Fold to the middle of the neck where the other hand is

  9. Make sure you have a firm neat grip

  10. Make sure both edges are gripped firmly

  11. Then tie tight (Twice if necessary)

  12. Make more pleat to the front of your Gele and close up at the pleats.

    Creating the infinity pleats gele however requires patience and continuous practise to get right, learn how to in the video and share how easy it was to nail the look below.

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